Is a mini MIDI controller worth it?

I’m speaking about compact MIDI controllers. The ones with smaller-than-usual keys. The type you can carry in your bag. If you’re into music production and looking to buy a MIDI controller, you probably have wondered if a mini MIDI controller is worth buying. They look fun, and it feels like you’ll be making a lot […]


Why Produce Music Anyway?

For the past 8 or so years, I’ve written on this site, made videos on YouTube, and then sort of went off the grid for 3 years. All while I was pondering the question: What’s the point of making music? You see, when someone creates music, it’s usually for themselves – it feels important, valuable, […]

Essential Mixing Techniques & Ideas for Music Production

Imagine a blank canvas before you, filled with infinite possibilities. With every adjustment, twist of knob, the power is in you to sculpt your music. There are no rules you have to follow. It’s only, you. This is what it means to be mixing your music. Generally – mixing music is the process of blending […]


Review: Using iTop Screen Recorder to Record a DAW

Over the past few days, I had a chance to try a iTop Screen Recorder. As a Mac user, I’m familiar with screencasting software like Screenflow and Camtasia. For the most part, Screenflow has been quite idiot-proof, at least for someone like me. That said, I’m curious to find out if I’d enjoy using iTop […]


Beginner’s Guide: How to Use Equalizers In Music Production?

I get it… All this talk about “EQ” and “gain staging” or “parallel compression” can be scary. However, if you break down these seemingly complex and “scary” tasks into bite-sized pieces, you can get them figured out in no time. In this guide, I’m going to focus on how to use equalizers for your tracks. […]


How to Make Your Music Tracks Fatter – Thickify Plugin Review (RPS)

You’ve heard it again and again. “Music sounds better (warmer, thicker, fatter, etc.) when summed through analog gear.” The reason? Analog devices add saturation, harmonic distortion, and compression to your sound. The constant shaping of the signal by the tube amps, pre-amps, compressors, and EQs, adds that certain magic to the sound – giving it […]


Should you buy a USB or XLR microphone? (With Sound Test)

USB microphones are really popular these days, especially when everyone seems to be a creator. Whether you create content or run live streams, you create a better experience for your listeners when you sound better. I don’t understand people who say they want to do good for their audience, yet proceed to annoy their audience […]

yellowed keyboard keys

How to Restore Your Yellowed Plastic Keyboard Keys

In 2016, I made a career shift from being a full-time music producer to spending more time on digital marketing. Despite that, I still produce music. It’s just that I usually work outside the studio these days. Wherever I worked, I would have a MIDI controller keyboard with me. Anytime I needed a break from […]